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American Patriots 

          of Latino Heritage

A Proud Heritage of Mexican American Veterans


The following resources highlight the many contributions made by Mexican American veterans in the service to their country.

A Century of Valor: Hispanic Americans in the United States Armed Forces

World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War

World War I

World War II (A-B)

World War II (C-D)

World War II  (E-F)

World War II Part 3 (G-L)

World War II Part 4 (M-Q)

Vietnam War

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Operation Eduring Freedom

Hispanic Patriots

World War II Photos

Vietnam War Casualties

Hispanics in America's Defense

World War II Part 5 ( R-Z)

World War II Women

September 11, 2001

Korean War

Korean War Casualties

Cold War Veterans

Books and Other Resources

Korean War Photos