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American Patriots 

          of Latino Heritage

A Proud Heritage of Mexican American Veterans

WW II Veteran Interviews

Frederick Aguirre

Orange County Superior Court Judge

Al Mijares 

Orange County Superintendent of Schools

Veteran Interviews were conducted in 2012, 2014-2015.                                                      To download: right-click on play button of video to be downloaded.

Anthony Acevedo - Part 1

Anthony Acevedo - Part 2


It takes a long time to bring the past up to the present

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Alvaro Rodriguez

Freed Holocaust Survivors

Jess Samaniego - Part 1

Jess Samaniego - Part 2

Hon. Arthur Alarcon - Part 1

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Hon. Arthur Alarcon - Part 2

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Hon. John Arguelles

U.S. Navy, California Supreme Court

Frederico Corral

Battle of Okinawa

Lt. Col Henry Cervantes - Part 1

B-17 Bomber Pilot

Lt. Col Henry Cervantes - Part 2

B-17 Bomber Pilot

Peter T. Limón - Part 1

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Peter T. Limón - Part 2

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Ann Vargas

Women's Army Corps - WACS

Edgar Griffin - Part 1

101st "Screaming Eagles" 

D Day

Francisco Sosa Matsuda

Battle of Philippines

Edgar Griffin - Part 2

101st "Screaming Eagles" 

D Day

Joseph Garcia

6 Brothers in WW II

David Fuentes

Battle of Philippines

William Lansford

Battle of Guadalcanal

Ezequiel Nevarez

8 Brothers in WW II

William Sanchez

Battle of Corregidor - POW

Dr. Julian Nava

U.S. Navy, Ambassador

Raymond Chavez - Part 1

Pear Harbor Survivor

Raymond Chavez - Part 2

Pear Harbor Survivor

Alex Maldonado

Brother of Frank in WW II

Antonio Mendez

Battle of the Bulge

Phil Montano

Battle of Philippines

Joe O'Campo
U.S. Navy, Political Activist

Hon. James Perez

U.S. Army

Orange County Superior Court

Arthur Ponce

Battle of Philippines

Emilio Ponce

Medical Tech, England

Jess Saenz

U.S. Army, Battles in Europe

Alex Lopez
79th Infantry, 
Nuremberg Trials Guard

Richard Chavez de Leon

Brother Arthur in 79th Infantry

David Garcia

Battle of Okinawa

Raymond Juarez

3 Brothers in WW II

Fred Barrera

U.S. Navy, Mayor of Orange

Ysabel Cisneros

Battle of Iwo Jima

Paul Duron
Battle of the Bulge

Adam Romero

Pear Harbor Survivor